Queen letter

Chaque année, nous expédions deux tickets à deux personnalités pour leur demander un poème. En 2010, nous avions formé le dessein de convaincre la reine d'Angleterre de participer aux poétickets. Michelle Bolduc, compteuse de girafes, avait écrit la lettre :

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA
United Kingdom   



    For the past four years, our association “Compter les girafes” organizes in Brest, France, the game of ‘poetickets,’ a poetic competition in which renowned and aspiring poets alike compose short poems, which are then inscribed on one side of a ticket (be it a bus ticket, parking ticket, or ticket to the theatre…) for entry into the competition. This year the poems will be judged by the Breton singers Maïon et Wenn.
    Given that you award every year Your Majesty’s Gold Medal for poetry, we hope that Your Majesty may be perhaps interested in submitting a poem. After all, as Edmund Dulac has written, in Your Majesty’s “right hand [is] the divine flame of inspiration.” We include here a bus ticket in the hopes that Your Majesty would do us the great honour of composing and inscribing upon it a poem.
    In the event that Your Majesty would confer upon us such an honour, please do not forget to write Your Majesty’s name and address on the back of the ticket so that we may contact Your Majesty should Your Majesty be among the poet laureates.
    We have the honour to be, Madam, Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servants.




Quinze jours plus tard, nous avons reçu la réponse suivante, qui, si elle ne s'accompagnait pas d'un poème, ne nous fit pas moins plaisir :


enveloppe Buckingham



lettre de Buckingham



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